POWER OF REALTYConnecting the power of real estate to the future.


We invest in real estate renovations to provide new value for buildings and cities.

MUL Realty Investment solves various problems related to real estate, such as improving value, strengthening profitability, and revitalizing districts, by investing in renovations for many types of real estate (office buildings, hotels, and retails).


MUL Realty Investment Company is developing its business in the real estate field.

As a real estate investment company of Mitsubishi HC Capital group, MUL Realty Investment Company is enhancing the appeal of assets to contribute to improving value and achieving sustainable growth.


The company invests in various types of real estate assets, such as office buildings, hotels, and retails.

MUL Realty Investment works to maximize the real estate value of a wide range of asset types to suit the needs of the times, such as changes in the development of urbanization and diversification of working styles.